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Licence To Score
The adventures behind the wheel of Mount Grom Luke Griffin.

Growing up as a grom, your surf days are typically spent down at your local, within a distance, you can either walk or bike. Sometimes if you’re lucky your parents might also surf so when they can you will get the chance to head further afield and experience new places and meet new faces. You may even be lucky enough to have an older sibling or meet older mates in the neighbourhood who have cars, and throw you in the boot or on the back floor, you’d do whatever it took to experience the pumping swells that frequent other surf zones, especially when your local hasn’t produced a wave in a while. Yet imagine the pain when your parents are too busy or the older brother or sister, has simply had enough of hanging out with the annoying younger grom, or the car is full with other mates and you’re left home all alone, missing out on pumping surf!

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NZ Surfing Magazine #188 October /November 2019