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Tiger Image Credit: Bear Hunting Magazine
Tiger Image Credit: Bear Hunting Magazine


I’ve been approached about writing a story about one of my best bear dogs. I am not a story writer, but I will take a stab at it.

Leroy Haug

Now, I don’t have any fancy names for my dogs, so just plain old Tiger will have to do. I’ve hunted with a bunch of old timers and their best bear dogs were named just plain old Joe, Bob, Dan or something like that. Nowadays, you pick up some book and you see a dog that has treed a coon, bear or lion and after the first three or four other names you’ll find his name. Now, I never could figure out if it makes him any better or does it just make the story better.

Anyhow, here is my story on a dog, a Plott that goes by the name of Tiger. Back when I was still active, I had a pack of Plotts that I let Chip Sprague hunt for me. Chip was from the state of Massachusetts. Let me tell you that Chip was a hard hunter. He kept this pack in the woods almost every day. He hunted whenever the season was open.

I hunted every year Chip had my dogs up there. Anyhow, my friend and I pulled into his yard one evening and after introducing my friend to Chip I said, “Where are the dogs?” as I noticed all the doghouses were empty except one. Chip said, “They are all at the vets. As I got on a really mean bear and every one of the dogs got tore up something bad, except Tiger. The only reason he isn’t tore up is because he treed a bear himself.”

As this was going to be a 2-week hunt, I thought, &l

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