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In April 2020, BRUCE LIPTON spoke with UDAY KUMAR about the transition our planet is going through right now, and what we need to do to raise our consciousness to the next level. In part 2, he goes into more detail about epigenetics, consciousness, and how we remain preprogrammed until we evolve our consciousness through meditation. It is our programs more than anything external that hack our attention.

BL: Now let’s relate this back to our human story.

We’re made up of 50 trillion cells. You, me, we are skin-covered Petri dishes. It’s not a plastic dish, it’s a skin dish, inside which you’ve got 50 trillion cells! You have the original culture medium. Here’s the point: Does it make a difference in the fate of the cell if it’s in the plastic petri dish, or in the skin covered dish? The fate of the cells is controlled by the environment, whether it’s in the plastic dish or the skin covered dish. Your genetic activity is not controlled by genes turning on and off, it’s controlled by the chemistry of the blood, which is the culture medium, just the same as it is in the culture dish.

So, now we take the big blow away steps that changed my life. The chemistry of the blood controls the genetics of the cell.

So, who’s the chemist? Who controls the chemistry of the blood? The answer is: The brain is the chemist! Next question: What chemicals should the brain put into the blood? The answer: Whatever image is in your mind will be translated by the brain into complimentary chemistry.

There’s a chemistry of love; if you’re experiencing love in your life, you release dopamine for pleasure, vasopressin makes you more attractive so your partner stays with you, oxytocin bonds you to your lover, and growth hormone is released when you’re in love. So, the blood has all these things that happened just from my picture of love, and the chemistry is going through. Growth hormone promotes vitality and growth, so when people fall in love they’re so healthy – it’s chemistry, the chemistry of love.

And if you go to the opposite side, the chemistry of fear does not release any of that. In fear, stress hormones are released, and hormones called cytokines which control the immune system are released. So now, the chemistry of the culture medium is completely different if I’m in love and if I’m in fear. The chemistry is what controls the genetics, and you control the chemistry because your thoughts are manifesting the chemistry that controls genes.

Now, all of a sudden, you’re not a victim of your genes, you’re the master of your genes, because your consciousness is going to manipulate those genes to manifest what’s in your consciousness. So if you’re afraid of the flu, what’s going to happen? Well, you’re going to open up your immune system to get the flu, because you’re preparing for what? The function of the mind is to create coherence between your belief and your reality. If I have a belief that I’m going to get the flu, the function of the mind is to do everything to ensure that I get the flu. If I’m programmed to believe that I’m going to die in three months because I have cancer, the function of the mind is to shut me down so that my truth will manifest in three months and I will die.

I said to myself, “Do you understand what’s going on here?” Your consciousness is manifesting your genetics and your behavior, and I want to add one more piece to it, epigenetics. Genetic control is what people are programmed to believe in, which means this character, say breast cancer, is under genetic control and not in your hands. Epigenetics is the new science, epigenetic control. Sounds like the same one, but what’s ‘epi’? It means above. Epigenetic control is control above the genes – that’s all the difference in the world.

If the genes are in control I’m a victim, but if the control is above the genes then I’m the master. So, epigenetics takes us from the victim of heredity to the master of our current existence. First of all, the environment, the blood is controlling genetics. Now, what’s above that? The brain because the brain is making the chemistry. And what’s above that? Consciousness. Your life is manifested by your consciousness.

The most valid science on the planet is quantum physics. There is no other science that has been tested more, verified more; it's the most truthful. If you’re going to question science, don’t question quantum physics first. This is the emphasis of why I say this. The first principle of quantum physics is that consciousness is creating your life experience. Biology, epigenetics, quantum physics all say the same thing; biology and physics come together at this point.


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July 2020