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Questions On Lifestyle
The name Sahaj Marg, or natural path, says it all.

Do I need to change my lifestyle if I practice Heartfulness?

Everything about our approach to spirituality must be natural. Many people find that their lifestyle automatically adjusts itself after some time due to the inner changes brought about by the practice. Many unwanted habits simply drop off.

Whenever you realize that you have a bad habit, however, and it is within your power to give it up, you can actively do so. It is in your best interests to root out imperfections of character. For this, remain receptive to your conscience and to criticisms from others. When you try to change yourself, but there is inner resistance, there is no need to force that change. Instead, sit quietly at bedtime and heartfully pray for the removal of flaws. Often, your heart naturally begs for forgiveness. Tears during prayer are the sign of sincerity, and it is the sincere heart that invites transformation. When you can confidently resolve never to repeat that mistake again, the inner heaviness instantly disappears. It is okay to make mistakes in life, but try not to repeat the same mistake twice.

The environment in which you live, and the people with whom you associate, influence the way your personality is designed. Inner attitudes and habits also play a major role in designing your destiny. As you continue to do the daily Heartfulness practices, the ever-increasing simplicity and purity of the heart will start to mold your life.

How can I develop a regular habit of meditation?

Well begun is half done, yet half done is nevertheless incomplete. For Heartfulness practice to become a lifestyle, we need to develop it as a habit. Research shows that only 10% of people achieve their New Year’s goals. When we start an aspirational and lifealtering habit such as meditation, it is the regularity of practice that matters. Ram Chandra, one of the spiritual Guides of this system, suggested that we start with a determination to practice Heartfulness for three months, and see what magical things can happen.

Scientific evidence shows that a habit can be formed in 21 days. But for most of us a habit is formed over 60 to 90 days. So for a deep practice like Heartfulness, let’s take 90 days. During those 90 days, try to practice Meditation, Cleaning and Prayer as prescribed every day, and use the Relaxation whenever you feel the need. If you keep a journal, you will be able to track the changes that occur.

Is Heartfulness compatible with normal family life and working life?

Most Heartfulness practitioners lead normal family lives, raising children and going to work. They are not extreme, in the sense that they don’t go into the material world so much that their spiritual world suffers, and they don’t go into the spiritual world so much that their material existence suffers.

Heartfulness advocates a balanced existence: balance within, balance in the surroundings, balance in the society. We want to strive towards excellence in all aspects of life. We may not be able to directly change the balance in our surroundings or in the society, however, hopefully one day many individuals will create the critical egregore needed to accelerate a shift in human consciousness, one heart at a time.

How can I balance the material and spiritual aspects of life?

Heartfulness does not distinguish between the material and spiritual aspects of life. A bird flies with both wings. When both wings are equally outstretched, the bird flies as straight as an arrow. If the bird leans towards one side, it flies in circles. Our life also has two wings. We can call them the material and spiritual wings. If we lean too far in either direction, whether material or spiritual, we become similarly unbalanced and go in circles.

Today’s lifestyle is especially demanding. We have many responsibilities and worries. Our jobs pull us in one direction, our families in another, our dreams pull us one way while our anxieties pull us another. Sometimes, we are simply drawn towards certain activities, places, ideas or people without really understanding why. Is it possible for one planet to orbit so many suns? We have so many centers and goals in our lives. Some of these goals are not consistent with each other. As a result we get confused and become un-centered.


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Simple Heartfulness Practices