PC Gamer|December 2020
Resident Evil’s Spencer Mansion reimagined as a Skyrim challenge.
Lauren Morton
I’ve watched more than one friend play through the original Resident Evil thanks to the wonders of game livestreaming, but I’ve yet to ever touch it or any other game in the series personally. I approach horror games much like I approach a cold pool: one toe at a time, with a horrible grimace on my face, before I scamper away to find a chair in the sun because I’m quite happy out here actually, thank you.

Since Tamriel is undoubtedly one of my gaming happy places, it seems only right that I should experience Resident Evil firsthand as a giant Skyrim mod. The Evil Mansion (which has versions for both Skyrim Special Edition and traditional Skyrim) is a recreation of the Spencer Mansion complete with traps, respawning undead enemies, and a whole host of puzzles. I may not often be up for true horror and jump scares, but this I knew I could do. I whipped up a passing version of Jill Valentine the Imperial for Skyrim’s tutorial before boosting her up with a couple levels and skills via console commands and setting out for the mansion north of Morthal.


Spencer Mansion is immediately recognisable, inside and out. When I finally get Imperial Jill through the fog-shrouded front door, my first thought is ‘oh dear’. I’ve seen this entry before, but how close it will hew to the secrets and dangers of the original I’m not yet sure. It’s huge, lined on two floors with moss, which is new, but all the same doors I remember. It’s empty of enemies now, but I know any one of the rooms I choose to visit could have a horrible surprise waiting for me.

I choose the left door on the first floor, remembering that it should be the mansion’s dining room. It is, and lucky for Jill it’s mostly empty with just one red-robed wizard. Unlike proper Resident Evil, I don’t have to worry about managing ammunition, so I’m able to cut him down without much trouble. Over by the hearth is a familiar blood stain. I sure hope that isn’t Chris’ blood. In the next room, a tougher Undead Scourge is waiting with a mean axe and a lot of health. It hacks Jill to pieces. I suppose I should have prepared her with something other than the starter Imperial armour. Ah well.


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December 2020