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Why Family Dinners Matter: The Science Of Eating Together
Why Family Dinners Matter: The Science Of Eating Together
Most families find it difficult to get everyone together at the dinner table on a regular basis.
Tanni Haas

We’re all so busy with after-school activities, late meetings at work, and long commutes; it really is too bad. Researchers have learned that eating dinner as a family is extremely important to kids’ physical, mental, and emotional health. As Dr. Anne Fishel, professor at Harvard Medical School and an expert on the benefits of family dinners, says: “Sitting down for a nightly meal is great for the brain, the body and the spirit.”

Healthier Eating

Kids whose families have regular dinners together are much healthier than those who don’t. They eat more fruits and vegetables and less fried foods and soft drinks. They eat a wider variety of foods, and they continue to do so once they become adults. They’re also less likely to become obese. Researchers believe that’s because homemade meals are healthier than those in restaurants: we eat smaller portions, at a slower pace, and we spend more time talking with one another.

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January 2020