Is Organic The Way Forward Biopod Image Credit: TerraGreen
Is Organic The Way Forward Biopod Image Credit: TerraGreen

Is Organic The Way Forward? Biopod

In today’s world, health is becoming a major concern for everybody.

We find health problems and ailments in children and young adults that were earlier associated with advancing age. This has caused all to relook at wellness, health, fitness, and most importantly on what are we eating. Are we eating right? Is the food we are consuming doing good to our body or just the opposite? From these concerns, the concept of ‘let’s go organic on food’ has germinated.

What is Organic Food?

The term ‘organic’ refers to the way agricultural produce is grown and processed. Produce that is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes (GMOs), petroleum-based fertilizers, and sewage sludge-based fertilizers is termed as organic food.

Why Organic?

While processed foods are often declared unhealthy today, unprocessed food (fruits, vegetables, meat, etc.) is not being considered healthy too. This is because most of them, when conventionally grown, have seen an increasing use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, and growth hormones to enable farmers to reap a ruddier and bigger crop. The side-effect of using these chemicals and pesticides in cultivation has been that these get absorbed by the plant and have ill-effects on the health of the consumers.

Studies have found that some fruits and vegetables are more susceptible to absorbing these chemicals than others and experts are working to id

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