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An Eclectic Platter Image Credit: India Today
An Eclectic Platter Image Credit: India Today

An Eclectic Platter

Saidulajab is an underrated revelation for the Dilliwallahs seeking a slice of the city's alternate culture.

Team Delhi

On one of those days when you're in no mood to brave the parking nightmare in the malls, head to Saidulajab for a quiet-conversation scum-good food outing. Hidden safely behind the uninspiring environs of the South Delhi locality, this hideout is slowly but steadily creating an alternate entertainment hub in its many lanes, offering a chunky slice of music, art, culture, shopping and of course, food.

Grab your Grub

Jugmug Thela is trying to bring back smells and flavours of the past, where a vendor would bring the chai in a cart. Thirty-six-year old Jiten Suchede's popup urban-street style thela at Saidulajab is then an ode to memory of old chai stalls where people would talk to each other unlike in cafes where each table would become an island. A former graphic designer, who returned from the UK, Suchede's entry into the business wasn't planned at all. It happened when friends urged him to set up a chai stall at a handicrafts mela in 2013 when he put together a makeshift thela with reclaimed wooden planks. They parked the thela at his rented space in an old warehouse that used to be a Murgikhana once. Murgikhanas were disallowed in the late 1990s and the space in Saidullajab was a warehouse until Suchede rented it out and others followed like People Tree, NG

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