Before Long A Skeldar Will Be Produced In India Image Credit: Geopolitics
Before Long A Skeldar Will Be Produced In India Image Credit: Geopolitics

'Before Long, A Skeldar Will Be Produced In India'

JAKOB BAUMANN, CEO, UMS Skeldar, believes that it will be able to convince the Navy first to go for a Skeldar and later even think of tying up with partners in India to start Skeldar production.

Jakob Baumann

Tell us what UMS Skeldar is offering India?

We are offering probably the best vehicle helicopter we have: first for Navy applications, then probably for the army and police forces, and some civilian applications. We understand the ‘Make in India’ concept and know as well that we need a local partner as we are a small company. I believe, in the mid-term to long-termscenario, you will see a Skeldar produced in India which will be operated by the navy or the army or the police forces.

What has been interest generated by your customers in India?

We have a huge interest – first from the Navy. We had delegations at our booth from the Navy, Army, as there is a huge interest for having this kind of asset in their portfolios. Our Indian partner, 3F Advanced Systems, is already having discussions with the MoD.

How is Skeldar different from other offerings which other companies may have?

Skeldar was basically Saab-designed. It’s extemely robust. It was initially made for the Navy...the Swedish Navy, then the Spanish Navy. It has a heavy fuel engine. We are the only ones who have the heavy fuel engine. This can operate in a harsh environment like sea and otherwise. Saab was trying to get into the market with Skeldar which was there in the Swedish market two years ago. I believe a big defence company has many projects so, we became the ideal partner. Our focus is to take this

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