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Of Half Truths And Total Lies Image Credit: Fountain Ink
Of Half Truths And Total Lies Image Credit: Fountain Ink

Of Half Truths And Total Lies

From politics to religion all people seek is a confirmation of their biases, and believe in the infallibility of their convictions. Facts are just a useful accessory, to be used as required.

G. K. Rao

Most of us believe that most of what we believe is absolutely true. In other words, we read before we believe and we believe only what we read. That is one of the basic premises of our lives. one of the reasons for that is the power of the written word, whether printed or online. It can still compel obedience though it’s been shown again and again that much of what we read may be only partially accurate and some outright untrue. It is also possible, of course, that much of the time we read what we believe so it reinforces our convictions and prejudices with the ring of cold truth even though it may be false. That is one of the reasons the subject of truth is such a vexing business even when we’re only talking about the everyday version, not the ultimate verities.

The consequences can be curious, to say the least. “What therefore god hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” (Mark 10:9)

This passage from the new testament is the foundation of the Christian dogma of marriage as sacrament, a vow that cannot be broken once spoken. That is why it is spoken in church, “in sight of god” and, incidentally, witnesses. Whether god bears witness or not, men and women do. They help to keep each other honest. for the first thousand years or so of Christianity no one, not even kings and emperors, dared to defy the edict. until someone did and things have never been the same since.

Now we have at least two schools on Christ

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