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Tyler J. Trefry
Tyler J. Trefry
Nothing is wrong with emulating others’ great achievements.

Most of the time goals and dreams are born that way. We interview Tyler to witness a dream in the making. One day soon, we’ll witness other dreams looking up to Tyler for inspirations as well.

AMM - At the age of 10 and you already dreamed of becoming a model or an actor. What had inspired that notion?

Tyler - At the age of 10 years old I used to love watching the movie “The Christmas Story” reason why was because I actually looked like the main character, the little boy who almost shot his eye out with his little BB rifle he wanted for Christmas. I knew that if that little boy could get himself into a movie I could too! When it came to modeling I was inspired by a lot of talent walking around the mall, all the little kids my age and even the older ones advertised on boards at different stores. I thought how did they even get to that point of being on a board in a mall, I was curious and I wanted to find out. I wanted to be seen and when I want to get there I’m going to do whatever I can to get there, I’m going to follow my dream!

AMM - As a small shy kid who was picked on by bullies, what had you done to get by during those difficult years?

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