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Extras, Extras, Read All About It!!!
Extras, Extras, Read All About It!!!
Oh What To Wear...

So here we were, made it to set for the filming of Stuber. The other extras, about 7 of them, were able to come on a different date for fitting. Another guy and I were to be fitted this morning of filming. I was asked to wear the panda costume. I deflected that idea gently by saying I may start sneezing from the fake fur costume due to my allergy, but really, put an Asian guy in a panda costume? Plus, nobody could see my face if I had a panda head on me. So I ended up with pokadot underwear and rainbow suspender. They also had me worked the boa, which started to moult its feathers all over the floor. I felt bad that every cut the assistants had to go and pick up the feathers. I guess it was just their job and I couldn’t help it.

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