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Dating Relationships Love Romance Image Credit: Maxim India
Dating Relationships Love Romance Image Credit: Maxim India

Yes, Make Her Smile (& MORE!)

You already know this stuff, but here’s a refresher to ensure you can take every night to fireworks.

Shahzeen Shivdasani

So, you meet a girl, have what you think is the best first date of your life and for some reason when you try to set up the next rendezvous, she declines. You’re a little thunderstruck, and you begin to wonder whether the two of you went on the same epic date? Well, it kind of all boils down to what you did on that first date. Here’s how to go from the first to the last like a bona fide Don Juan.

It’s All About Her (For Now)

Sometimes, when men are nervous and wish to fill in the awkward silences, you tend to ramble and it usually becomes about yourself. Women—and you can’t blame us—may view this as being selfobsessed (we’re guilty of it, too). So, steer clear and ask her questions about her life and her interests. In a recent study at Harvard University, researchers found that asking more questions helps someone feel more connected to you. They analysed three speed-dating services and the results showed that the guys who asked the maximum questions were most likely to land a second, more substantial date.

Chemistry is Key

To keep her interested, you have to keep the sexual vibe alive. It’s quite easy to fall into the dreaded friend-zone. Flirt with her, compliment her, make her feel good—

you know the drill. However, while doing this, do remember to keep the balance and by that we mean don’t creep her out.

Bye-Bye, Bad Boy

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