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Ranveer Singh Padmavati Actor Bollywood Image Credit: Maxim India
Ranveer Singh Padmavati Actor Bollywood Image Credit: Maxim India

Into The Mind Of The Stylish Man

Presenting Ranveer Singh like you’ve probably never seen him before.

Vivek Pareek

Mumbai August 2017. Grey, Overcast. The city moves as it does. I’m meeting Ranveer, a bona fide superstar, an ace performer and also a guy most guys can associate with. He’s a Maxim guy. A man’s man. We’ve all heard stories of how he’s wild. True. How he’s intense. Also true. But what we haven’t seen is the man who’s got his own battles to fight, a dude who has a philosophy of living and a guy who works to party. Get ready to meet that Ranveer.

Hi, Ranveer, we’re very happy to have you back again. Your last Maxim shoot created a lot of ripples.

Thank you for having me. Yeah, that was a really sexy shoot. It’s probably still my sexiest shoot.

But it’s been a while.

It has. I guess, in my head, Maxim only puts hot women on the cover, not men. So, it didn’t strike me. But then, when I bumped into you the other day, it sort of struck us: “Hey, listen, why aren’t we collaborating again?” I’m glad to be back.

Nobody captures the essence of what Maxim is about like you. How do you stay so active? I see you and I want to kill myself. I wake up dead, and you’ll probably die charged.

I don’t know, man. People ask me this all the time, and it’s made me think about it. I’ve realised that it&rsquo

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