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Image Credit: Africa's Bowhunter
Image Credit: Africa's Bowhunter

My First Bowhunt

Sean is a commercial photographer,prolific Instagrammer and serial Facebooker. He is also a Staff Shooter for Bowtech SA, GoldTip, Beestinger,Sureloc& Team AZU and is the media liaison person for the South African National Archery Association (SANAA).

Sean Nel

Let me start by saying this: I am an archery enthusiast. I shoot butts and paper targets. I’d like to think that I’m not too bad at it and have developed my archery skill to a level that I have won a medal or two and don’t score too badly at the club and provincial competitions. But I did not grow up in a “wildlife” family. Decidedly non-hunters, we have no problem with hunting or eating meat. I’d just describe us as a typical “urban” family. I always joked that my son should go and hunt with one of my friends so that he can learn the skills from somebody who knows what they are doing – and in fact, my son has been “hunting” before me! But before we get off the track…

I wanted to join a bowhunt to observe and do some photography and video of the event. The opportunity came up to do just that with my training partner, Mike, at Nhlanguleni Game Farm. However, the suggestion was raised that I actually bring my bow along (because “you never know!”) and we went from going through on Saturday after work, to leaving Saturday morning, to leaving Friday evening, to Thursday afternoon to Wednesday evening! Talk about shifting the timeframe! As it were, we ended going through Wednesday evening and were in a hide early Thursday morning. But I get ahead of myself… again.

First things first. I needed a hunting bow and arrows – and a rest, sight, quiver, camos, broadheads –

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