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Water Ways Image Credit: asiaSpa India
Water Ways Image Credit: asiaSpa India

Water Ways

It quenches our thirst, keeps us alive and makes up almost 70 per cent of our planet. No wonder then that water is a key ingredient in the brand of wellness that spas around the world offer.

Charu Sharma

Whether you drink it warm in the morning to help you detox, or bathe in it after a long day at work for relaxation, water heals in more ways than one. Scientifically speaking, water has the power to change constantly; when cold, it freezes and when hot, it turns into steam and evaporates. Our body is made up of more than 60 per cent of water, so our bond with water is a rather special one. In fact, since time immemorial, people around the world have been using the therapeutic power of water to rid themselves of disease – Hippocrates prescribed bathing with spring water to cure illnesses and the Romans and the Greeks gave birth to the first spas when they popularised soaking in natural spring water for therapeutic reasons.

Interestingly, spa is an acronym for the Latin phrase salus per aquae, which means ‘health through water’. This healing through water continues to be an important aspect of wellness and several hydrotherapy treatments are available at spas worldwide that are based on this very principle. Alejandro Leo, Director of Shamana Spa and Recreation, Grand Hyatt Goa says, “Hydrotherapy is based on the concept that water has the ability to alter blood flow and revitalise health. Temperature plays an important role in this process and different ailments can be controlled by practices using different temperatures. Cold water stimulates the body by constricting blood vessels and restricting blood flow to slo

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