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Oh Buoy Image Credit: asiaSpa India
Oh Buoy Image Credit: asiaSpa India

Oh Buoy!

Worried that the heat will put a damper on your fitness regimen? Keeping fit is possible even without breaking a sweat. Fitness expert and trainer Kiran Sawhney tells us how.

Do your knees ache from jogging, or do you envy the lean, long-muscled look of those who have it without much effort? Or do you just need to escape the hustle-bustle of urban life? Whatever your motive, aqua aerobics (aerobic exercises in water) is a cool workout that helps you get strong and stay in shape and leaves you wanting more.

To practice aqua aerobics, you don’t necessarily need to know how to swim; this fitness routine is performed in neck-deep water. The buoyancy of the water stretches your muscles tight and helps smoothen your movements, and you are able work better on your flexibility. So, you strengthen and stretch much better in water. The water’s resistance makes the workout more intense and challenging – it is like carrying a lot of weight while you work out. Yet, it isn’t very difficult to do aqua aerobics regularly. In fact, water makes the exercises gentler because it cushions your joints. To make the workout more effective and fun, equipment such as webbed gloves, aqua shoes, step, thera bands, buoyancy bells and belts, balls, tubing and more are used. 

Since you are working against the resistance of water, you end up burning eight times more calories than any other normal floor aerobics exercise. And, unlike other workouts, a rigorous aqua aerobics session doesn’t leave you drained out and sweaty; in fact, it makes you feel fresh. The hydrostatic pressure – that is the force of water against the body – acts like a massage and helps the heart pump blood more efficiently and effectively.

Apart from its uses in achieving overall fitness, aqua aerobics can also aid in cu

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