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10 Things Trip Down Vizag's Memory Lane
10 Things Trip Down Vizag's Memory Lane
The mandatory monthly trip is back, and this month we bring you yet another memorable list of places. Here are areas that some of you may have visited or passed by. And if you’ve done so without knowing about the stories each holds, then catch up on them right now.

1 This place of worship, which has been present since 1972 lends its name to the adjacent junction as well.

Present in Visakhapatnam since 1972, the Gurudwara Sadh Sangat situated on the NH5 has emerged as a landmark in itself. Having given the region its name as Gurudwara Junction, this space offers a serene atmosphere for people to worship. At the entrance to the Gurudwara is an impressive tall flag pole, the Nishan Sahib. The main complex has two halls; the divan hall which is the main hall and the langar hall. It also has Sachkandh Sahib, where holy items are placed. The langar, an integral part of the Gurdwara, serves food to all the visitors, without distinction of background, for free. The Gurudwara also has a huge kitchen and a cooking area where a meal for more than 500 people can be cooked.

2 Spread over 600 acres, the heart of the city is home to many animals and a rich ecosystem.

Declared open in May 1977, the Vizag zoo is located amidst the scenic Eastern Ghats. Part of the Kambalakonda Reserve Forest Area, the zoo is home to over 80 species of mammals and focuses on endemic ones. Most of the animals here live in open spaces surrounded by a moat. While the rich ecosystem of the forest area offers an ideal environment for the animals, the zoo also has a biosphere learning center, a library, and a canteen. Bicycles and eco-friendly battery-operated rickshaws make for pollution-free transport here. An animal rescue center, a hospital, and conservation of the species of animals are other aspects of this space.

3 Constructed between 1917 and 1921, this was once the transit hall and summer house for royalty.

The grand structure of the Hawa Mahal is reminiscent of the rich past our city once enjoyed. Facing the beach, the Hawa Mahal is true to its name, as it is built to get the maximum amount of sea breeze. A famed heritage building has segmented arches, Burma teak, and iron grilled staircases to name a few attractions. Well maintained by Mayank Kumari Deo, this structure has played host to many high ranking dignitaries, including Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in 1961.

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