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How To Find The Love Of Your Life
How To Find The Love Of Your Life
When you know you are loveable, you will find someone who loves you.
Alan Cohen

When I asked my friend Brenda, “How’s your love life?” she sighed and answered, “Working on it, like everyone.”

Were we really born to be constantly working on our love life, or were we born to be enjoying it?

After many years of coaching and leading seminars, I have discovered two areas that most people ask about most frequently: prosperity and relationships. Most people are looking for their love mate, or, if they have one, are seeking a better connection. Since February is the month of Valentine’s Day, let’s dive in to illuminate what makes relationships work.

The simplest answer comes from a woman named Georgia who told an astounding story in a seminar in Greece. Georgia reported that she had been married to an emotionally abusive man. When she requested a divorce, her husband refused. In Greece it is harder to get a divorce than in America, so Georgia realized she had to stay with him, for a while at least.

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February 2020