GREATER REALITY LIVING- Internalize the Great News: You are a Forever Being

Transformation Magazine|March 2020

GREATER REALITY LIVING- Internalize the Great News: You are a Forever Being
In the third century B.C., Aristotle wrote: "Let us live as if we were immortal." We can now state much more assuredly: "We are immortal. Let us live accordingly."
Mark Pitstick

Last month, you learned evidence that strongly indicates—some would say irrefutably proves—that bodily death is not the end of life. The question now is: How can you internalize and more deeply know this evidence so every aspect of your life is transformed? The process of internalizing this great news will vary for different people, but there are 11 recommendations that will help you on the journey. You also can find much more information for free at; look for specific article number references in the copy.


Sometimes getting what you want can be as simple as asking and staying alert. Just know that the answers may not appear when and how you expect. Who do you ask? Some people prefer getting assistance directly from G.O.D./the Light. Others are more comfortable with an intermediary such as saints, angels, guides, or master teachers. Still others believe that looking within is best. Since all life is one and interconnected, the distinctions between you and higher energy assistants may not be as great as you think. Why not cast as wide a net as possible and ask for help from all of the above?

How do you ask? Again, different strokes for different folks. Some people are more comfortable with prayer while others prefer setting an intention or saying affirmations. Do whatever feels most comfortable and right for you, or use a combination. Whomever and however you ask, do so consistently for 30 days to create a well-established habit. Send a message to universe that you want to more deeply know the death of your earthly body is not the end of life. Pray that you will always remember this, especially when grieving the bodily death of a beloved person or pet, or going through a very difficult challenge. Then stay alert for synchronicities and signs that arrive in various ways. Give thanks as you increasingly remember the bigger picture of life.


In addition to the information presented in last month’s article, “Learn the­Evidence:­Life­Continues­After­Physical­ Death,”­ a beautiful summary of this data is provided by Willis Harmon Ph.D., emeritus professor at Stanford and president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. In Global Mind Change, Dr. Harmon stated: “Death appears less as an extinction than as an awakening to ‘where one was all along.’ At death, the center of awareness shifts from the physical to higher planes (with perhaps a period of confusion and/ or sleepy restfulness in between.) We don’t­ go­ somewhere­ at­ death;­ we­ are­ already­there. As this new view becomes real in our lives, fear of death disappears. We couldn’t not exist if we wanted to.”


Excessive fear can contribute to a variety of physical and emotional problems. How can you be truly happy and well if you are worried about dying? Really knowing that life continues after bodily death helps your time on this planet make more sense. Awakening to a greater reality view of life can help you live at sublime levels rarely reached when fear and misinformation predominate. When you reach the point of being very sure that all this is true, it becomes much easier to live on earth with peace, joy, clarity, empowerment and love.

Some people are concerned about ‘dark spirits’ or ‘evil forces.’ Good evidence suggests that, just as with those in human bodies, there are postmaterial Persons (PMPs) who act in evil ways (article #47). Dying isn’t an immediate panacea that fully converts unevolved people into awakened beings. The personality and consciousness carry over as they continue to learn, grow and evolve.


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March 2020