12 Steps To Health & Happiness, Part 1
Transformation Magazine|October 2019
12 Steps To Health & Happiness, Part 1
At a young age, I got sick, and I don’t mean slightly ill—I was literally facing death. As I desperately clung to life, I set a goal for myself that I have never turned back on: to find health and live my best life.
Rena Greenberg

Over the decades that have followed, I’ve been on a conscious journey towards seeking well-being—mental, physical, and emotional health. Through a lot of trial and error, I have come up with 12 steps that are essential toward that end.

In addition to using my own life experience, I’ve had the pleasure of working with more than 100,000 people, and I’ve also learned from their ups and downs in the quest for health and happiness.

From all of this experience, a general theme has emerged: Life is a constant series of choices that ultimately boil down to one decision to be made in every moment. Are we choosing life/health/love/goodness or are we selecting, either overtly or by default, pain/negativity/fear/evil?

These are the 12 steps that I have developed over time to help you live your best life. The goal is not perfection but getting closer and closer to living a life where you are most connected to your authentic self, comfortable and happy in your own skin, feeling fully alive, and saying yes to life!

Part 1 of this article outlines the first six steps to make the choice easier. The next six steps will appear in the November 2019 issue.


We are made up of energy and highly sensitive to it. Often, we forget this basic fact of life. Our moods generally are not arbitrary. Either we are being uplifted by our choices in thought, word, and action or we are being brought down. We are either surrounding ourselves with positive energy or we are putting ourselves in an environment where the vibration low. Vibrations are “catchy,” as we tend to be porous to some degree.

Notice that when you are in the midst of an ecstatic crowd of sports fans or at a rock concert or even in the company of someone who just had a great life fortune (such as birthing a new baby, falling in love, or winning the lottery) you automatically find yourself feeling uplifted. By the same token, when you are around a negative, depressed person (who may even be you!), you can’t help but begin to feel tired, worn out, and possibly even hopeless.

Step one is making a conscious decision to lift your own vibration with your choice of thoughts, words, and actions.


How can we lift our vibration when we don’t even know that it’s down? How can we improve our lives when we are unaware of our own energy and its impact on the people around us? It takes great humility to look at ourselves honestly. It is not necessary to ruthlessly berate ourselves, but it is essential that we assess our own strengths and weaknesses with honesty and courage.

If you don’t admit that you are carrying within yourself a chunk of anger, resentment, hatred or envy, how can you possibly release it? Criticizing yourself for small flaws such as saying or doing the wrong thing isn’t going to create the kind of lasting change that can transform your life. However, observing yourself with honesty—without condemnation—can prove to be incredibly helpful in producing such a transformation. Here’s why: If your goal is to live your best life, you need to see what’s holding you back.

Perhaps you turn people off because your energy is invasive or offensive. Maybe you have the habit of isolating yourself or, towards the opposite extreme, spreading yourself out to thin. It’s possible that you are expending too much of your precious life force energy talking or running around. Or, alternately, you may be clamping down your creativity by wasting oodles of time in front of the television or on your computer.


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October 2019