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Paan Tastic Ideas Image Credit: The Sindhian
Paan Tastic Ideas Image Credit: The Sindhian

Paan-Tastic Ideas

Founders Of Paanlicious, Vikas And Pooja Khatwani Speak To Tina Thakrar About Taking The Quirky, Healthy Route To The Beloved Indian Mouth Freshener

Tina Thakrar

Mumbai based Vikas and Pooja Khatwani have always preferred to round up their meal with one quick bite – the paan. If only there was a healthier option that the mindful couple could gorge on, without worrying about its ill effects! Behold, Paanlicious; a unique brand that puts a healthy spin on the traditional Indian paan!

Founded four months ago by the Khatwanis’, Paanlicious was the product of Pooja’s determination to find a healthy, tasty, fun and safe version of the paan, so that adults and children (including her seven-year-old son) could enjoy it without worry.

“For me, it was about finding something I had complete passion and dedication for, and then going after it with all my might. After consistently working on healthy recipes for alternatives to paan, I found a combination of ingredients that does not compromise on quality and taste,” she explains. Since her adolescence, of two things Pooja was absolutely sure. First, that she wanted to work independently and be held accountable for every professional decision, and second, to develop ideas that weren't run-of-themill. She fulfilled both propositions with Paanlicious, which she now manages single-handedly, while also investing time and ideas into Vikas’ other company, Ornamentz, focused on designing diamond jewellery.

Primarily known for being betel, tobacco and whole sugar-free, Paanlicious is made up of ingredients like dates, coconut and fennel seeds and

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