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Soul Talk “Love Thyself”
Soul Talk  “Love Thyself”
The word “Love” is such a powerful definition in its own right that it doesn’t require further clarification.

We are born out of love, we are raised by unconditional love and we are living for the love. It doesn’t have to be romantic love always. Our friends, family and furry friends keeps us alive to face enormous challenges life throws at us. Their love generates tremendous force within us to overcome difficulties, give us hope and reason to live. No matter how successful and rich life is; all that our soul craves is for Love. If this one element is missing, then life is not worth living. Yes, I do agree, it is a wonderful feeling to be loved by somebody else. Again I am pointing that it doesn’t have to be romantic love. But let’s not create the barrier that love can be obtained from another person and if you don’t have that somebody in your life then life is miserable. Now you must be thinking where this conversation is going on??? Have patience and read further.

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November 2019