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Andrea Gallagher: Entrepreneur Aad Wife of Eddie Gallagher
Andrea Gallagher: Entrepreneur Aad Wife of Eddie Gallagher
Thank you Andrea for doing this wonderful article for The Platform magazine. Here are some questions from our followers.
Photo: Barry Morgenstein

Tell us about The Better Business Babe and the history of your company.

After a decade of devotion as a full-time mom, I felt called to launch into my next chapter. It was in 2010 that I dove into my lifelong passion for photography. It was challenging to say the least to develop a hobby into a brand and business but also empowering to navigate the highs and lows. As I grew into a high-end portrait studio in a competitive market one of the things I enjoyed the most was helping other women in business to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes I had made and give them guidance and direction.

I began to envision a space where we – as women in business; could come together to share aspects of owning a business to reach our goals and empower each other though shared knowledge and experience~and that’s where the Better Business Babe was born.

I began to offer my photography skills in more of a business to business manor for headshots, product, and lifestyle photography to business owners looking to make an impact on the web and socially. I also built a team of experts to help in all aspects of Brand Development so I would help clients by offering strategic advice for growth, brand consulting, and project management to better their business!

When did you consider yourself an entrepreneur success?

I think my greatest success as an entrepreneur was consistency. I kept my expectations manageable because I knew my goal was to develop a business I could be proud of but also I was raising 3 young children and had a husband who was consistently deploying. For me success wasn’t a measure of money or status but the feeling that I was honoring what I loved to do, helping others, growing in my craft and expertise all while being focused on being the best wife and mother I could be.

Is it hard juggling a business and being a military spouse?

YES! Without a doubt. Having your own business in and of itself is hard, as is being a Military Spouse so those two compounded can be tremendously challenging! I think you have to maintain realistic expectations even more as a mil spouse because it can lead to burn out very quickly. With my business in particular we wanted to really educate women that it’s NOT possible to do and be it all so getting help and support in areas from experts can allow you to focus on your true skills and core business. This is a beautiful thing.

Can you share with us your journey as a Veteran Military Wife.

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October 2019