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Strong & Silent

Strong & Silent

Jeff Cotto

My first run in with UM Tactical was during BAT Defense’s Ae-rial Target Interdiction course. A mutual friend made the introduction and wanted to showcase UM’s R.A.G.E. muzzle brake. I got my hands on one, shot it and was sold!


The R.A.G.E. (Rapid Adjustable Gas Expulsion) is the world’s first re-configurable recoil tuning and management device. This system allows you to divert the high pressure with interchangeable angled ports, providing exceptional performance – which translates to more rounds on target.

It was a couple months before I saw UM again. I had recently witnessed UM’s SS9M sub gun on that same friend’s social media feed. Seeing this weapon system in action, I knew that I had to get one. Fortunately, less than a week later, I was contacted by Brian Wilson from UM Tactical to take a test run with the SS9M.

Once in my hands, a few things stood out. First, it’s a 9mm sub gun on an AR style platform that takes Glock 9mm magazines. It’s something I have been very familiar with for more than a decade of being downrange around the world, both with the military and with clandestine services. This platform looks and feels just like any other AR equipped with an ambidextrous bolt release. My attention was drawn to the MVB Industries’ ARC-X collapsible stock. This five-position collapsible stock conveniently requires only a one-handed operation to extend.

The integrally suppressed 6-inch barrel was screaming at me to pick this thing up and lay some “scunion” down. Setting a Shield RMS sight on top of the rails and throwing a set of rubber dummies with P3DT steel targets down range, I finally had my chance to get after it.

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Spring 2017