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Don't Be “That Guy”
Don't Be “That Guy”

Maximize Training Without Ruining It for Others

Mike Searson

You just signed up for a training class. Maybe it’s your first or your 101st. Regardless, there are a few rules of etiquette that should be followed in today’s tactical training world. They’re something everyone can all learn from, and they will help you get more out of your education from the course – or at least keep you from being labeled as “that guy” for a weekend (or longer).

You may know how to safely handle a firearm at all times and have decent marksmanship, but there are probably a few things you may not know or have taken for granted.

Read the Course Description

In our years of attending private tactical training courses, we have found this to be the number one problem area for students that have difficulties.

Check Prerequisites

Course prerequisites seem to rub a lot of students the wrong way. Some see it as a “cash grab” from the school that’s teaching the course, trying to get you to take more courses.

But consider this: Do you want to be in a class that involves running around in the dark with a weapon-mounted light in a shoot-house with someone whose shooting resume includes nothing but a four-hour CCW lecture? This goes back to learning to crawl before learning to walk. All effective training should be based on a strong foundation of fundamentals.

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