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My Life With Cameras Image Credit: Smart Photography
My Life With Cameras Image Credit: Smart Photography

My Life With Cameras...

I was born and raised along with two younger brothers in the beautiful city of Bangalore.

Mohan Thomas

I have been blessed to have caring parents and it gives me immense joy as I recollect my wonderful childhood memories. Growing up, we had a Yashica D Twin lens camera at home, which was the reason I got drawn towards photography. The concept of capturing precious moments as an image was extremely fascinating for me. That was the time I vowed to myself that I will soon purchase a camera and start out as a photographer; unaware of the plans which life had for me.

In no time, my career kick started and I became a successful Civil Engineer. With a loving wife and two adorable kids, the journey of my life took off at a great pace. And photography ultimately remained to be a dream which I couldn’t pursue.

In my early forties, with a steady business, I was in a comfortable position as it provided me the liberty to take some time off my routine schedule. Making the most of my leisure hours, I started to tag along with my friends on short trips and expeditions. It was the trip to B. R. Hills, a beautiful wildlife reserve, that reignited my long lost passion for photography. I instantly fell in love with the majestic nature. Immediately thereafter, I got myself a Sony Cybershot DSC P9. The call of the wild and the thrill of freezing moments in the form of images had me absolutely spellbound.

Over the next few years, numerous trips were made to the reserve, and I soon began visiting other locations like Bandipur and Kabini. Eventually, I was ready for an

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