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Five Portraitists Image Credit: Smart Photography
Five Portraitists Image Credit: Smart Photography

Five Portraitists

The word ‘portrait’ does not necessarily refer to a photograph of a person; it can be a sclupture, a painting or even an artistic representation of a person or an animal, wherein importance is placed on the face and its expressions. The idea is to reflect the mood and the personality of the subject.

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Portraits can be of various types.

Studio Portraits: As the name suggests, these are generally posed portraits taken in a studio. The lighting can be artificial (studio flash, tungsten etc) or natural (usually using what is referred to as ‘North Light’) or just light from an open window.

Environmental Portraits: These can be either indoors or outdoors; the idea is to tell the viewer something more about the subject. As an example, if you were to see a photo of a man in dirty overalls, with a dab of grease on his face, his hands soiled and spare machine parts all around him, you might recognise him as a motorcyle/car mechanic! You are showing the surroundings (the environment) and linking that with the person in the picture.

Candid Portraits: These are portraits taken (generally) without the subject being aware.

Group Portraits: As the name suggests, portrait of three or more persons together.

Close-up Portraits: Here we take a very close shot, often cutting part of the face/headgear to place greater emphasis on the eyes.

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