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Desert Rangers Image Credit: Smart Photography
Desert Rangers Image Credit: Smart Photography

Desert Rangers

Capable of enduring the most extreme conditions, camels have been integral to residents of the Gulf for centuries. Believed to have been domesticated around 3,000 BC, camels have been used for everything, from milk and meat, to working animals and a means of transportation.

Sanak Roy Choudhry

Many may think of them of as lumbering creatures or ‘Ships of the Desert’, but camels have more than a few tricks up their sleeve. Given the right conditions, the one-humped dromedary camel that you find in Oman can actually reach upto a speed of 64kph in short bursts on specialized tracks. And camel racing is a big business in Oman. Overseen by the Oman Camel Racing Federation, the famous Arab sport has a solid fan base. The camels themselves have become prized possessions and can often fetch prices in excess of the top sports cars. The cream of the crop are bred and trained at special farms where they undergo a rigorous training programme to ensure they perform at the peak of their ability. Races don’t receive much mainstream publicity, so if you’re keen to catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures at full tilt, an enthusiastic photographer should keep track of the events from the Oman Camel Racing Federation website.

One such news of this event, on a late February afternoon, lured me to capture few interesting frames of the event with my Nikon D810. After driving around 150 km I managed to reach the venue which was already set abuzz with people of all ages. Kids displaying their prized camels proudly prior to the race was a spectacular view to capture. After capturing few sh

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