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A Visual Story Image Credit: Smart Photography
A Visual Story Image Credit: Smart Photography

A Visual Story

As you hold a copy of this coffee table book by ace landscape photographer Ashok Dilwali, prepare to be mesmerized. An exquisite image of the Bhimakali Temple (Himachal Pradesh) adorns the cover of So Said The Wise. In the introduction, Ashok describes the book perfectly - “a potpourri of photographs and memorable quotes that go beyond all societal boundaries”.

Unnati Sagar

With the launch of So Said The Wise, Ashok Dilwali has hit a quarter century as it is the 25th book published by him. Images are stories without words, and photographers are the narrators of these tales. Himalayan landscape photographer—Ashok Dilwali is one such storyteller, who has enchanted us with his visual stories, time and again. Having published 25 books in a career span of over 30 years is a remarkable achievement and a sign of sheer dedication towards one’s profession. When asked about his source of inspiration in an earlier interview, he shared with us the secret which led him towards the summit of success. He says, “I believe, life is a ladder and as life progresses, one attempts to climb the next step and this climbing never ceases.”

Published by Niyogi Books, this 162-page book is a thought catalogue, which includes words by great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Adi Sankara, Sir C. V. Raman, Baba Amte, Rabindranath Tagore, Osho, Guru Gobind Singh, Meera Bai, Gautam Buddha and Bulleh Shah, Annie Besant, and Bal Gangadhar Tilak to name a few. These pearls of wisdom, combined with ethereal landscapes photographed by Ashok Dilwali, makes So Said The Wise a treat for eyes and soul. From lush green forest scapes to snow-clad Himalayan ranges – these images speak of the photographer’s love for the mighty mountains. The lovely valleys with calming colours

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