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Blush Makeup Beauty Tips Image Credit: Shape Singapore
Blush Makeup Beauty Tips Image Credit: Shape Singapore

Tips To Get The Post Gym Flush

Blush can work magic, giving you that post-gym flush that lights up your face and makes you look healthy and happy. We’ve got a few pointers to share.

Didi Gluck

Applied right, blush is invisible. But its effect is definitely not – a pretty, vibrant warmth that naturally illuminates your whole face. “You shouldn’t see the edges of the colour, just the freshness of your skin,” celebrity makeup artist Jeanine Lobell says. Of course, if you’ve ever applied blush, you know this is easier said than done. As with most things, the devil is in the details. In this case, it’s about finding the right colour and texture, and then applying it just so it looks lit from within. This pro-endorsed plan (filled with a slew of new formulas) will help you brighten up.


Believe it or not, even professionals can feel overcome by this one. “There are a million shades out there, so it can be overwhelming,” says Toby Fleischman, a celebrity makeup artist in Los Angeles. Her take: most women can benefit from owning three shades – a pink, a peach, and a bronze – since our skin does not stay the same colour year-round.

For your pink, choose something that matches the colour your face gets when you exercise (or the inside of your lower lip). For your peach, go for light coral if you’re fair and something closer to orange if you’re olive-toned or darker. Most bronze shades flatter all complexions, but stay away from anything ashy, especially if your skin is dark.

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