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Suhaili Micheline Image Credit: Shape Malaysia
Suhaili Micheline Image Credit: Shape Malaysia

Suhaili Micheline

With a string of awards including the best featured performer at the 7th BOH Cameronian Arts 2009 Awards, this former ‘So you think you can dance’ finalist shares with us the ups and downs of being a dancer in Malaysia.

Batrisyia Jay

Tell us a bit about yourself

I grew up in a family of artistes (except my dad who is an aeronautical engineer). I love adventure and food. I may seem intimidating but I’m still human, and I love approaching dance like it’s my new best friend every day. I’m driven to achieve my goals through the stories of other extraordinary people who are trying to make a difference in the world.

What is your biggest challenge as a dance instructor?

Dance is a tough love to hold onto. Even the potential ones have given up after years of training. So it falls onto me to constantly motivate my students to survive in this industry as well as being open-minded to being more diverse in other skills that could compliment their dance career. The basic understanding of dance as a hobby becomes a challenge particularly when the child has potential and wants to pursue further. It’s a skill you can’t perform and practice at home (unless you have a studio). Therefore, the lack of good support from family can be heartbreaking. As an instructor, I have to keep inspiring them through handwork and experiences, only then can they see what it takes to become a good dancer.

What’s your diet like?

I’m on a diet where I eat clean and balanced. I avoid fried food and drink lots of water. I have also cut out sugar and dairy from my diet. I meditate whenever I can to keep calm.

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