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If I Ruled The World David Gray
If I Ruled The World David Gray
Singer-songwriter David Gray’s fourth album, White Ladder, was the 10th best selling album of the 21st century in the UK and has sold more than 7 million copies worldwide
Anna Walker

The first thing I’d tackle is off-shore wealth.

I’d initiate a global crackdown on all tax-avoidance and evasion schemes whereby countries are harbouring billions, if not trillions of pounds. My first priority would be to unify the world taxation system.

As much as charity is a wonderful thing, it’s also a rather dangerous, self-aggrandising concept that’s come to stand in for a lot of things that should be paid for by taxation and by companies and individuals who can afford to foot the bill.

I’d crackdown on illegal dealing in animal parts.

This is something that I find deeply distressing to read about. These problems are huge and to tackle them we need more than rules and regulations—we need a massive organisation of well paid, highly educated people on the ground who can not only enforce an antipoaching and anti-smuggling agenda, but also educate local people and people in the countries where the parts are going to.

I’d install “unslammable doors”.

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February 2020