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Intimacy Before Marriage

Marriage is seen as a joining together of two persons love for each other to create one love.

Lamar McIntyre

This joining together of two loves is supposed to create one life long relationship of commitment which should produce marriage. I argue that marriage is not produced by love only, it is produced by love and intimacy. Behind every strong adjective there is another adjective at work and in the case of marriage love has a partner at work called intimacy.

Think about this. Memories of when a marriage begins always starts on the wedding day. What is always so heavily forgotten by couples, especially us as men, is what brings a couple to the point of marriage? Is it love and love only? No, I don’t believe so. It has been proven many times that you can love someone while in a relationship and choose not to marry. So what is it that makes people want to say, “I Do?” I believe the answer to this question is Intimacy before Marriage.

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February/March - Men's Edition