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7 Secrets To Ditch The 7-Year Itch

Let’s keep it 1,000% - at some point in every relationship couples fall out of love.

Jeremiah Johnson, Sr.

Reality sinks in that the honeymoon is OVER! So, now as a man with needs – sexual, emotional, mental, and spiritual - what do you do??? Merely ‘go thru the motions’ of a passionless, mundane union just for ‘marriage’ sake? I don’t think so – especially with an ‘itch’ that needs scratching daily!!!

According to some research studies, men think about sex every seven seconds. Wow, that’s a lot of sexual thinking. Therefore, as a man – especially a married man, I don’t just expect to think about sex; however, I would like for intimacy to become a reality EVERYDAY in my marriage; and more than once per day is simply heaven on earth.

However, what happens if after a few years of “I Do” your mind and body begin to say, “I Won’t” put up with these “Nos” too much longer due to your wife ALWAYS having a headache, or being too tired, in her feelings and basically showing you that she is just not that ‘into you’ like that anymore? Men, let’s be honest - our minds can begin to wander off FAST and FURIOUSLY for a tradein.

This urge to commit infidelity resulting from a major dissatisfaction in marriage is commonly known as the ‘7 Year Itch’; although it can also happen after the first and fourth year of marriage. However, the average length of a marriage today is eight years. Fifty percent of all divorces occur in the first seven years of marriage. It is quite interesting that 2.3 million couples wed every year in the US, which breaks down to nearly 6,200 weddings a day. Yet, sadly there is one divorce approximately every 36 seconds, which equates to 2,400 divorces per day!

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