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Diet Christmas New Year Festival Image Credit: Men's Health Singapore
Diet Christmas New Year Festival Image Credit: Men's Health Singapore

Eat To Beat The Holiday Spread

Even the ugliest sweater won’t be enough to distract from a season of diet disasters.

Megan Ditrolio

Punch bowls filled with sugary booze, the comforting smell of cinnamon buns, those little buns in pastry blankets – the holidays are filled with dozens of tiny temptations that, when piled together, can lead to big gains (the kind that lead to tight pants).

This three-pronged survival plan will show you simple, easy-to-implement strategies for enjoying the holidays – without the New Year’s hangover.


Look, it’s okay to let loose at a holiday event. Forget about counting calories. Just focus on a few simple changes to limit your intake so you don’t succumb to a festivity-induced food coma.


We know the party is late, but don’t guzzle an energy drink. People in a Northern Kentucky University study who drank alcohol mixed with a caffeinated beverage had a greater desire to drink more alcohol than those who had a decaf cocktail. A Red Bull has 110 calories. A shot of liquor? About 100. You do the math.


People who ate while listening to loud noise consumed around 49 percent more food than those who were able to hear themselves chew, a Brigham Young University study found. The researchers dubbed this the “crunch effect.” Apparently, the sound of chewing may help your brain identify how much you’re eating.


If you have the option at the party, choose a sma

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