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Alzheimer Memory Loss Diet Brain Age Image Credit: Men's Health Singapore
Alzheimer Memory Loss Diet Brain Age Image Credit: Men's Health Singapore

7 Ways To Age-Proof Your Brain

Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders are on the rise, but they’re not the inevitable terminus they once were. Research shows there are practical ways to boost your brainpower today and safeguard your long-term mental faculties. Stay smart, people.

Debbie Hampton & Tom Ward

First things first, here’s something to think about: Earlier this year, it was announced that one million people in the UK will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease by 2025.

In fact, the number of people already living with the condition is greater than the population of Liverpool, costing the country about $43 billion a year.

Those statistics needn’t weigh heavily on your mind, however. Because while some amount of cognitive decline is an inescapable truth of the ageing process, it is in no way the vertiginous slope it once was.

The latest research proves that, with the right application, a few innovative and seemingly inconsequential lifestyle hacks can have a vital, beneficial effect on your cerebral functions. And you won’t have to meditate or practise a single moment of mindfulness.

So, in collaboration with Debbie Hampton, author and founder of www., we present the most instantly actionable tools that will have a lasting impact on your brain health, protecting your neurological powers and boosting intellect, durability and memory.

Have we got your attention? Then let’s begin.


The brain represents just 2 percent of your body weight but burns through 20 percent of its energy. If the stomach is your second brain, your first is just as hungry.

Using a fifth of your total calorie intake per day, it is made u

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