Homegrown Champion Image Credit: Maxim
Homegrown Champion Image Credit: Maxim

Lindsey Vonn: Homegrown Champion

Four-time overall World Cup title winner Lindsey Vonn on why Colorado is the best ski destination in the world.

Keith Gordon

Lindsey Vonn, America’s brightest female skiing star, has basked in her share of Olympic and World Cup glory. Integral to her rise as a world class skier was her family’s decision to move to Colorado when she was a child in order to nurture her talents. As she recovered from a training accident last fall, the Olympic gold medalist spoke to Maxim about her favorite things to do in her home state.

You moved to Colorado with your family when you were young. What was the motivation for the move, and why Colorado?

Mostly the motivation was bigger and better mountains. I grew up on a very small hill called Buck Hill in Minnesota. Buck Hill was great for learning my technique, because it was so repetitive going up and down so many times on the rope tow, but I eventually outgrew it and we moved to Colorado. We chose Vail specifically because my father was a great ski racer and had a lot of connections with Pepi Gramshammer, a Vail legend, and the Vail Ski & Snowboard Club.

How did Colorado impact your development as a skier and future Olympian? 

Buck Hill is where I learned the technical aspect of skiing, but if you want speed, you need a bigger mountain. Colorado is where I learned my love for speed and where I became a great downhill skier.

Which Colorado ski area is your favorite?

I’ve ski raced all around Colorado—Beaver Creek, Brecke

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