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No RingNo Problem Image Credit: Marie Claire Malaysia
No RingNo Problem Image Credit: Marie Claire Malaysia

No Ring, No Problem

When you think about engagements, the first thing that comes to mind is diamond rings. These three women share with us their unconventional, no-ring proposals when their boyfriends, now husbands proposed to them.

Pamela Victor

Dana was travelling around South East Asia when her boyfriend (now husband), Aaron, proposed to her spontaneously by a busy road in Bangkok. “We had already been travelling for about three weeks at that point, having arrived from Cambodia the night before and exploring Phillipines and Vietnam prior to that. Thailand was to be our last stop before heading back to Kuala Lumpur. We had already been on multiple adventures since we started – we survived flash floods and had massive food poisoning. We had also missed a flight and experienced a hotel booking fiasco. We were absolutely exhausted by then and were just so thankful that we were alive! Aaron and I had been dating for about four years, when he suddenly stopped me from crossing a road at night after we had dinner. When I turned back to ask him why, he quickly popped the question right there and then! I thought he was joking so I laughed (nervously), but he asked me again. I was a little confused by then. We were never a conventional couple from the start, but I had always envisioned a ring in front of me if he were to pop the big question. Yet, there he was standing in front of me, holding my hands, with the most serious facial expression I had ever seen on his face – and no ring! For a while, I blanked out. The next thing I knew, I had already said yes! After jumping for joy, he sheepishly explained that he planned to get a ring before the trip but never got aroud to doing it. I to

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