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Iconic MomentsWhat Is It AboutAudrey Image Credit: Marie Claire Malaysia
Iconic MomentsWhat Is It AboutAudrey Image Credit: Marie Claire Malaysia

Iconic Moments What Is It About Audrey?

Famed for being the leading lady in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Roman Holiday, Sabrina, and My Fair Lady, the late British actress is one of the timeless icons to grace Tod's glossy homage to fashion.

Daphne NG

What was it about Audrey Hepburn that captivated everyone: the fresh bangs that framed her wide doe eyes, or the cheeky twinkle in them?

Audrey is featured in Tod’s fashion book titled Timeless Icons. Launched during Milan Fashion Week, the 160-page tome is a luxurious tribute to timeless fashion icons from past to present, including Naomi Campbell, Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy and Bianca Jagger.

Audrey was first spotted by French author Colette who, upon first sight, claimed she had found her Gigi. She was swiftly casted for the title role of Gigi (1951) on Broadway. Her first lead film role would come a mere two years later, starring alongside Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday.

In a time where Marilyn Monroe and the inimitable Elizabeth Taylor (whom producers preferred to star in Roman Holiday but director William Wyler was so impressed with Audrey’s screen test, he cast her instead) with their voluptuous curves were considered beautiful, she established a new standard of beauty.

Quickly self-aware of her status as Hollywood’s darling, and her widely coveted signature look, “My look is attainable,” Audrey told Barbara Walters in a 1989 interview. True enough, her signature looks are still being copied today, be it Halloween costumes or YouTube tutorials paying tribute to her fearless cat-eye flicks, side-swept mini-fringe, and full, bold, well groomed brows.

Audrey presented a fresh,

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