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It's Baby Making Time!
It's Baby Making Time!

“Have sex, get pregnant,” right? No! In reality, minor stressors can throw your body out of ‘whack’. If you’re suffering from baby-fever, it’s time to be proactive! PETA DANIEL says acupuncture and exercise to just plain resting can be some of the best things one can do when trying to conceive.

Peta Daniel

Making the decision to have a baby is often followed by a deluge of emotions. Excitement, trepidation, fear and self doubt are some of the most common. Most couples are under the impression that having a baby is as easy as having sex without protection – probably because they’ve spent the whole of their relationship prior to that trying not to get pregnant. However, most medical experts suggest trying for a whole year before getting anxious if there are no indications otherwise. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done.

Stress caused by high expectations of a quick conception, the fear of never conceiving at all and the desire to not let your partner down, or even every day stresses to do with work, money or your weight can all factor against your chances of getting pregnant. All our experts are in agreement that remaining as relaxed as possible is your best bet. Dr Sumayya Ebrahim, an academic and psychologist agrees. “The body and mind are not separate entities, they are inextricably linked and therefore bound to impact each other,” she says.


Have sex

This might seem like a simple suggestion; however, when you’re stressed and under pressure, it may affect your ability to perform or even to enjoy the act. Taking the time to encourage intimacy stretches beyond the bedroom. Spend time with your partner and have fun together. Whether this means board games, dinner at the table instead of in front of the TV, or long baths together is up to you.

Track your ovulation and have sex at the right time

According to OB/Gyn Dr Sascha Edelstein of the Hart Fertility Clinic, having sex when you’re ovulating is the only way to conceive. Invest in a home ovulation kit – there are many affordable, easy to use devices on the market – and use a chart or calendar to track your ovulation. This will also make you aware of any problems in your cycle.

Use positions that keep the sperm moving in the right direction

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