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A Baby In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Pram
A Baby In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Pram

Five things I wish I had known when I became a new mom.

Loren Stow

Having a baby is as old as time itself and as such it is a practice that is embedded in traditions, and surrounded by expectations, myths and well-meaning advice. Amidst all of this is the actual reality – a dance between mom and baby’s temperaments within their unique environment, community and culture. What you’re left with is a myriad of ways in which to be a good mom to your newborn baby. So if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by too many should’ves and could’ves just remember that it’s ultimately about parenting… your way!

Of course, there are certain tips and tricks that can help any new mom to adjust to life after bringing their baby home – no matter what your traditions or culture. As a mom of two boys, I have had my fair share of advice hoisted upon me. I also found that most of it just couldn’t prepare me for being a mother until I actually met my little babies; they soon let me know what they expected and needed! These are a few of my ‘tips and tricks’, most learned the hard way…


You were two and now your family has a brand new member. While this may seem obvious, a shift in relationships often needs to be approached with some awareness of everyone’s feelings. Dad can often feel left out and mom can often feel completely overwhelmed. So mom, make an effort to get dad involved wherever possible, and dads, remember that the smallest gestures can make your partner feel supported and valued. In my experience, this was great advice, but it ultimately didn’t make the shift easier at all – it just made my husband and I more aware of the shift. We still made mistakes with each other, but we also understood that we were both new at this whole parenting thing and forgave each other.


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April 2019