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Alan Weissman Photographer Painter Artist Image Credit: Malibu Arts Journal
Alan Weissman Photographer Painter Artist Image Credit: Malibu Arts Journal

Alan Weissman: 35mm Paintings

Alan Weissman’s photographs often look like paintings from the old masters. His subjects are posed in a similar fashion as those in such paintings. The lighting creates an atmosphere that conjures a portraiture from the Romanticism era of painting. Faces are lit in a radiation and coloration more like brush strokes rather than a shutter exposure. Weissman has had many sitters in his studio, not all were famous stars. He has taken photographs of the homeless who too had beautiful faces. All of these stories were a human and emotive behind the scenes look at this famous photographer’s life behind the lens.

Kriss Perras


MAJ: How did your shot of Charlize Theron come about?

WEISSMAN: John Crosby, Charlize’s manager, brought her in and gave me an overview of her acting and modeling career and wanted me to work with her. I had just seen Devil’s Advocate and Two Days in the Valley. I was really excited to shoot with her.

MAJ: What happened when you were in session with Miss Theron?

WEISSMAN: She was a bright eyed breathe of fresh air. Being an up and coming actress then, she had wild potential and was incredibly beautiful. It was no surprise to see how her career has flourished. She was a working model that was extremely easy to work with concerning her best angles and poses.

MAJ: How did your photos of so many Hollywood Stars come about?

WEISSMAN: I have had the opportunity to work with Hollywood legends such as Jack Lemon, Gregory Peck, Steven Spielberg and Morgan Freeman and the iconic Dog Whisperer, among others.

When Gregory Peck came to work with me, that same day I received news that my mother neede

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