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Our Exhibit January 2020 cover star Kriti Sanon, is a force to be reckoned with, in both film and fashion. On the cusp of her 20s, she has spent her life in the public eye. Now, the cinema scion is ready to cultivate her own garden. And while most artists follow a career path that is relatively wrought with fluctuation, like a ship soaring above and then violently crashing into waves, Kriti’s career had already proven to be a linear climb. Kriti Sanon in a conversation with Krishti Khound, about making a year of her own.
Krishti Khound
EX: While stalking you on Instagram, your posts came across to me as genuine and honest. It’s a rare gift because as actors you’re not able to completely share your truth as they are carefully outfitted to a point where you only see a glamourous puppeteer. Would you agree? I don’t think everyone is the same way. Some people want to maintain their Instagram handle and some don’t. For me, it’s all about being real. While the glamorous and onscreen part is something that the audience and the fans already see on a daily basis, I use my Instagram and other social media handles to interact with them in a different way, make them a part of my life and to show them another side of my life which is not really visible otherwise. So yeah, I try keeping it real and I think that’s how I am as a person. We actors are real people after all and I feel the real side is what’s relatable.

EX: Everything is really instant in the world we live in right now. Nothing is tangible, it’s all quickfire. Have you firmly entrenched into digital and social media formats?

I have in a way but I’m not someone who is likely to be addicted to it. I’m not someone who has to post a picture about everything that I’m doing. I feel like it depends on everything that’s happening at that particular point in your life. Things move really fast, they spread really fast. It could be something you’ve put up; it doesn’t even take a moment till it’s all over the internet. It also makes me realize to not take anything too seriously because it’s temporary. Life will move on past anything and everything that comes by, whether it is a moment of joy, success, failure or even a heartbreak. You move past it and tomorrow is going to be a different day.

EX: A lot of the actors now have bridged the gap between the celluloid films and OTT platforms, do you see yourself driven by it?

The content that we see now is amazing. And obviously, there is content that can not be restricted to a 2-3 hour film such that when they get developed into a series, they’re a lot more intriguing. If a great opportunity comes my way which makes me want to take it up, I would love to do it. I feel like acting is my job and the medium is something that is not truly relevant. If the work is exciting enough for you as an actor, then that makes all the difference.

EX: Your career is gaining steam with smart choices, awards and the box office clout, does the amount of success come as a surprise or wary you sometimes?

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