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Job Appraisal Career Salary Increment Image Credit: Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka
Job Appraisal Career Salary Increment Image Credit: Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka

Asking For A Raise? Ask Yourself These Questions First.

The number of women entering the corporate and white collar workforce in Sri Lanka is increasing. However, many companies pay women less than men in the same position, and almost 70% of our labour force is made up of economically inactive women. We’re not going to get embroiled in a whole debate about the wage gap – but we will tell you how to hustle to get your worth.

Kinita Shenoy

1 Are You Happy?

This may seem like a weird way to start thinking about getting that raise, but it’s important. If your job sucks the soul out of you, your boss is a tyrant or you have absolutely no enthusiasm for what you’re doing, a raise probably isn’t going to help that much. If you’re genuinely unhappy in your position, perhaps you ought be asking what else is out there instead.

2 What’s Everyone Else Getting Paid?

Before you set up that review meeting or chat with your boss, do some digging. Sri Lanka, unfortunately, doesn’t have open remuneration policies or resources like GlassDoor. com that help you gauge industry average pay scales for your job and company, which makes finding information quite difficult. However, it’s really important that you figure out what someone of your education, experience and position earns within the industry, either by asking colleagues, speaking to HR or even Googling rates in comparable countries like India. Then, ask yourself if your salary is comparable, and if not – why? PS: In general, comparing yourself with other people isn’t healthy. But, when it comes to compensation, it’s a good way of gauging whether you ought to ask for more.

3 Are You Meeting Your KPIs?

Key Performance Indicators are a great way of gauging how well you’re doing your job. If you’re in a straightforwar

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