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Relationships Cheating Dating Love Image Credit: Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka
Relationships Cheating Dating Love Image Credit: Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka

Are You Micro Cheating?

You haven’t bought the T-shirt, sure, but if you’re window shopping in unfaithfultown and shooting flirty-eyes at the salesman, let us introduce you to a little thing called micro-cheating.

Mel Evans

Is it your barista? Your PT? The hot guy you try to catch the eye of around the water cooler? What I’m asking is, could you be inadvertently cheating on your partner? It’s a loaded question, but you see, there’s this thing called micro-cheating, and it’s not something so ridiculous or sinister that you’d assume you haven’t done it. It’s not danger and blaring sirens—and it’s usually a subconscious action. Still, it’s not all sunshine and commitment either, and could signal something that needs attention in your relationship.

In a relationship nutshell – a ‘rutshell’ – micro-cheating is the term that describes all the small things (Blink 182 not included) we do that could have whispers of infidelity, without actually physically being unfaithful. Just like Dr. Karl warns against micro-sleeping, micro cheating can take you into territories you might regret. Think of it as the little sister to emotional cheating, sans that deep emo-connection that would otherwise derail a relationship (side note: It’s said that emotional cheating can hurt much more than its physical counterpart). But, given that micro-cheating can build the blocks to something more, it evidently doesn’t take physically smacking your lips on a juicy new conquest to spell trouble. The first step to note? A little overzealous flirtation.

“[It’s] the little things you do to show someone you

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