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Workout Fitness Sleep Exercise Image Credit: Cosmopolitan Australia
Workout Fitness Sleep Exercise Image Credit: Cosmopolitan Australia

Small Goals = Big Success

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Krissy Brady

Going after big, new goals (like, say, running a marathon, quitting junk food or learning to speak Spanish) may be desirable… but it’s also daunting and you’re more likely to give up. Your solve: micro-goals. Setting supersmall, stupidly achievable objectives is the key to rocking your 2018 life targets. Quickly making progress, even if it’s in baby steps, is more motivating than achieving something major, according to a recent study in the Journal of Applied Psychology.


Be asleep by 10pm every night.


Get up at roughly the same time every day.

Let’s be real: sleep is everything. But not everyone’s internal body clock allows them to conk out at 10pm on the dot, says sleep specialist Michael Breus, author of The Power of When. If your natural circadian rhythm doesn’t align with a certain strict bedtime, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Going hard and forcing yourself won’t help.

A smaller, easier hack is to set your alarm for around the same time each morning. ‘The moment you open your eyes, light turns off the faucet in your brain that controls the sleep hormone melatonin, and that helps you wake up,’ explains Breus. ‘And when you always get up at the same time, your body will fall into a rhythm that will help you feel sleepy at a

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