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Wheres the Fun Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
Wheres the Fun Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

Where's The Fun?

Swearing — so satisfying yet wrong, like a lot of things in life. Here, #TeamCLEO makes the case for letting the F-bombs fly.

Danica Baker

We’d be damned, err, darned, if we would have ever let some swear words fly in any situation, in Malaysia. Growing up here, even the mildest word would warrant a caning (yowch) or your parents flying into a rage. Sure. It ’s not a bad thing, we all grew up respectful at the very least. But what is the actual stigma with swearing? In fact, research shows that swearing is indicative of a higher IQ, and that it ’s better for your stress levels. So we’ve compiled all the reasons why it ’s okay to give a couple of s**ts, and let f***ing loose.


When you really think about it , the words are meaningless, in fact, they are rarely used as a representation of their original intention. Instead, it ’s all about intent. Like, when you exclaim, ‘S**t,’ what you’re not actually talking about poo. It ’s like when the school smartie pants precociously says, “Did you know that b**ch means female dog?” “No, we didn’t , but we would use the word to describe anyone who deserves it or cross our paths.”


Who would like a boss who swears at them? (“Hello, HR, are you there?”), but if they swear with you, on a Friday night, and you’re both clutching wine bottles, then you know they really like you and trust you enough to be filthy in your company. It ’s like the boardroom equivalent o

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