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Serious Humour
Humour doesn’t just entertain, but reveals a lot too, as stand-up comedian Sam See showed us
Jamie Tan

The court jesters of yore may no longer exist, but stand-up comedians have taken their place. The two aren’t dissimilar – each is a keen observer and scathing critic who coats his words with a sugary layer of humour to make things more palatable. George Carlin is probably among the first to come to mind. Closer to home, we have talent like Sam See, who was on season four of Stand-Up, Asia! on Comedy Central. Far from being confined to just the local scene, he’s gone international, and performed at events like Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This veteran has seen things evolve here for close to a decade, and thinks there’s much potential waiting to be realised.

How do international audiences differ from the local crowd?

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