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Paying With Your Fingers Image Credit: August Man SG
Paying With Your Fingers Image Credit: August Man SG

Paying With Your Fingers

The world’s first biometrics payment and loyalty system is here.

Farhan Shah

WE ARE MAKING A BOLD PREDICTION. The next billion-dollar tech company will be from Singapore and it will be Sahba Saintclaire’s, if he plays his cards right.

The 51-year-old australian is the co-founder of touché, an all-encompassing biometrics payment and loyalty solution. It’s the first company in the world to engineer such a system and Saint-claire tells us more about the technology behind it.

Right, what’s so special about Touché?

The idea behind touché is to help businesses understand each of their guests better, as well as smoothen the consumer’s buying experience. I believe what’s good for the customer is good for the business. The better you know the customer, the more you can do for him. And a happy customer will keep coming back.

And how does Touché do this?

With biometrics. You no longer have to carry your cash or cards around. All you need are your two fingers and you can pay for your purchase. At the same time, the system records your preferences so that the merchant can understand your likes and dislikes, so that it can provide a more personalised shopping experience.

Why two fingers?

There are two reasons. First, two people having one similar fingerprint is a mathematical possibility. However, two people having two similar fingerprints is statistically impossible.

Second, we can gather a lot more

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